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Massage Therapy

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Simply Relax Massage

(Light to Moderate Pressure, 60 minutes)

Enter a peaceful state of relaxation, as this soothing treatment focuses on light, flowing movements that calm the nervous system and ease stress.

*Please Note: This massage is not intended to alleviate specific issues or areas of restriction that may require different therapeutic techniques to achieve the desired results. Please instead schedule a Cupping Massage for those needs.

Cupping Massage

(30, 60, or 90 minutes)

A profound level of healing can be reached through nervous system sedation and stimulated circulation during this effective, non-invasive technique which has been used for centuries.

Negative pressure is created inside a plastic or glass “cup”, resulting in a lifting of the skin. The cup can then be glided along the skin to separate fused tissue layers and drain lymph fluid. This deeper loosening of adhesions facilitates increased circulation and elimination of accumulated debris in the tissues, organs, and systems. Target scar tissue, edema, chronic pain, plantar fasciitis, injuries, and much more in this customized session.

This immune-boosting massage targets the lymphatic system specifically to reduce edema and inflammation, while promoting the body’s natural processes of eliminating waste and debris. This massage is a very light and soothing experience that is sure to induce a peaceful state of relaxation. The use of Vacuum Therapy technology is gently incorporated to increase benefits and results.

Lymphatic Massage

(90 minutes)

Reflexology Foot Session

(25 min)

Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine, this foot massage stimulates acupressure points on the feet that energetically connect to various areas of the body and body systems to encourage balancing and healing. Enjoy this relaxing and rejuvenating treatment by itself or as an added treat to another luxurious service!

Prenatal Massage

A special prenatal table is used during this prenatal massage. Mom can enjoy lying face down during the session with the comfort of belly and breast recesses that provide openings for these sensitive areas.

Enjoy relief of aches and pains caused by the added weight and stress on mother’s body during this wonderful miracle of new life.

Pregnant woman with her hands on her stomach